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Online Dietitian


Online Nutrition allows you to make video conferences online with a nutrition specialist, regardless of where you are. The first meeting consists of a free assessment with our Manager, where you will be explained how we can help you and you will be assigned the best dietitian for your goals. If you will then become a client, each consultation will last 1 hour.  

Video consultations with the nutritionist take place via Skype.

The benefits of working with an online dietitian include:

  • Customize diet from an experienced dietitian
  • A customized nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle and needs
  • Constant support by your dietitian
  • Coaching

The dietitians can help you with:

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gaining
  • Health and Prevention
  • Better Managing a Medical Condition
  • Sports Nutrition

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Advanced Nutrition Lab dietitians will help you to reach your goals.